EP11 – How to Monitor Oil and Gas Tanks Without Opening the Thief Hatch

In this week’s episode, Digital Roughnecks sits down with Mark Fishburn of FLIR. Together, we discuss the next generation of intelligent tank monitoring and a unique solution that conquers the challenges posed by SB19-181 Regulation 7. What you will learn in this week’s episode: The new solution created by FLIR and Clean Connect to monitor…

EP06 – Using Augmented Reality for Field Support


About this episode Digital Roughnecks interviews the CEO or RealWear, Andrew Chrostowski, about using RealWear’s augmented reality system, the HMT1-ZR, that was designed specifically for the oil & gas field operations. Disclosure: We are considering using RealWear’s system to enable our CleanConnect.ai channel partner’s field technicians to be supported by our level2 support staff. About…

EP03 – Oil & Gas Regulations Update

Brand new regulations are going to change the way oil & gas producers manage their pads. In this episode, David Conley & Mark Smith discuss the regulations and the tools Digital Roughnecks can use to satisfy the regulators and save money by remotely monitoring & managing their pads.